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The Lambert family is thriving Or so they wish. Nothing could be further from the truth Two fledgling killers who happen to idolize the infamous serial killers Arty and Jim Fannelli have been paying attention - and these two killers are eager to show the Lamberts just how much they truly admire their idols Business is booming for private investigator Nils Shapiro and his partners.

Lawyer Todd Rabinowitz is found tied to the dock outside his Minnesota home with a fishing stinger through his jaw.

His widow, Robin Rabinowitz, calls Nils to the crime scene and asks him to investigate her husband's savage murder. She's not the only one.

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Soon, Nils has more job offers than he can handle. Robin's boyfriend. Todd's partner at his law firm. One of Todd's clients, a polarizing Congressional candidate. The local police, in over their heads. The FBI. After going on the run - for what he knows and has created - autistic Eddie Parks is back in Harmony House, the think tank that has been his sanctuary for sixteen years.

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For Bob Stenson, leader of the American Heritage Foundation, whoever controls the echo box controls the future. Skylar Drummond, the only person in the world Eddie trusts.

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Newlyweds Brooklyn and Derek are enjoying the final days of their honeymoon in Paris. Once they're back home in San Francisco, they visit a spy shop Ned mentioned. Then someone is killed inside the spy shop. When Teddy Fay receives a freelance assignment from a gentleman he can't refuse, he jets off to Paris on the hunt for a treasonous criminal.

But as Teddy unearths more information that just doesn't seem to connect, his straightforward mission becomes far bigger - and stranger - than he could imagine. The trail of bread crumbs leads to secrets hidden within secrets, evildoers trading in money and power, and a global threat on an unprecedented scale. Under the beautiful veneer of Paris, true villainy lurks in the shadows An aging art scholar and a visiting student, haunting echoes of France's colonialist past, and a delicious navarin of lamb - Bruno is back, and his latest case leads him from the Renaissance to the French Resistance and beyond by way of a corpse at the bottom of a well.

When Claudia, a young American, turns up dead in the courtyard of an ancient castle in Bruno's jurisdiction, her death is assumed to be an accident related to opioid use. But her doctor persuades Bruno that things may not be so simple.

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The world is infested with demons, vampires, and ghosts who clash with wizards on the fringes of society. Faced with these horrors, there's only one thing a small-time wizard can do: absolutely nothing. Doing something could get a man killed. Armed only with a modern view of magic, a snarky bloodthirsty apprentice, and no concept of the phrase "fair fight", Maker is far too weak to try and change the world. But then a new group of warlocks moves into the area with the goal of making his life more interesting They've been tipped off to a secret meeting of top al Qaeda leaders.

The plan is to interrupt the meeting with a few unexpected visitors - a pair of Hellfire missiles from an orbiting drone.

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But the drone stops responding to their signals and soon disappears over the horizon. When next seen, the drone is attacking innocent pilgrims in Mecca. Jake and Curt are staggered. The US government is desperate to disavow this atrocity. Who better to blame than a couple of rogue CIA agents? My name is Silver Spell Solange.

No, I didn't plan for my initials to be the same rank needed to enter the spy academy. But I would do anything to get into the one of a kind school. I have the magical capability of an Elemental Witch, the strength to kick anyone's ass, and quick problem-solving skills to get my teammates out of any jam.

Miss Iris Sparks, avuncular and unmarried, and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge, practical and widowed with a young son, are determined to achieve some independence and do some good in a rapidly changing world. But the promising start to their marriage bureau is threatened when their newest client is found murdered and the man arrested for the crime is the prospective husband they matched her with. Now her survival depends upon putting her faith in widowed single father Henry if she wants to live to see another day.

New Releases New at Audible. In addition, the similarity of the films' central concept to a device in the long-running series Doctor Who has also been noted. As in the film, the Matrix of that series introduced in the serial The Deadly Assassin is a massive computer system which one enters using a device connecting to the head, allowing users to see representations of the real world and change its laws of physics; but if killed there, they will die in reality.

Matrixism is a new religious movement inspired by the trilogy.


Following the Wachowskis' coming out as transgender women some years after the release of the films, the first film and the pill analogy have also been analyzed in the context of the Wachowskis' transgender experiences. In this case, taking the red pill and living out of the Matrix symbolizes exploring one's own gender identity , starting the transition and coming out as transgender, as opposed to a continued life in the closet.

In a summary judgement for the defendants , Judge R.

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  • Gary Klausner stated "The basic premises of The Matrix Trilogy and The Immortals are so different that it would be unreasonable to find their plots substantially similar. In acknowledgment of the strong influence of Japanese anime on the Matrix series, The Animatrix was produced in to coincide with the release of The Matrix Reloaded. This is a collection of nine animated short films intended to further flesh out the concepts, history, characters and setting of the series. The objective of The Animatrix project was to give other writers and directors the opportunity to lend their voices and interpretation to the Matrix universe; the Wachowskis conceived of and oversaw the process, and they wrote four of the segments themselves, although they were given to other directors to execute.

    Many of the segments were produced by notable figures from the world of Japanese animation. The first of three video games related to the films, it told a story running parallel to The Matrix Reloaded and featured scenes that were shot during the filming of The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Two more The Matrix video games were released in The Matrix official website also provided several original Adobe Flash -based browser games.

    The Matrix Comics is a set of comic books and short stories based on the series and written and illustrated by figures from the comics industry; one of the comics was written by the Wachowskis and illustrated by the films' concept artist Geof Darrow. Most of the comics were originally presented for free on the Matrix series' website; [90] they were later republished, along with some new material, in two printed trade paperback volumes. A deluxe twentieth anniversary edition, combining the two published volumes along with four web comics that weren't included in them, is set to be published in November The Matrix official website provided a free screensaver for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, which simulates the falling " Matrix digital rain " of the films.

    It included all three films, The Animatrix , and six discs of additional material, including the documentary film The Matrix Revisited , the live action footage shot for Enter the Matrix , and a promotional compilation of The Matrix Online. For this release, The Matrix was remastered under the supervision of the Wachowskis and Bill Pope to improve its picture quality and make its coloring closer to that of its sequels. At the request of the Wachowskis, as they explain in a written statement that accompanies the boxset, each of the three films is accompanied by two audio commentaries, one by philosophers who liked the films, and another by critics who did not, with the intention that viewers use them as reference points to form their own opinion.

    The compilation includes 35 hours of bonus material, but some of the extras from earlier, standalone, releases are missing. It encases the ten discs plus a resin bust of Neo inside an acrylic glass box. The Ultra HD Blu-ray release of The Matrix Trilogy came out in 9 discs [] and presented the trilogy in 4K resolution and high-dynamic-range video , remastered from the original negative and supervised by Bill Pope.

    In this release The Matrix is presented with a color grade that reportedly comes closer to its theatrical presentation than any of the previous home video releases.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Ultimate Matrix Collection cover. The Matrix Revisited The Animatrix See also: List of minor characters in the Matrix series. Main article: List of accolades received by The Matrix film series. What we were trying to achieve with the story overall was a shift, the same kind of shift that happens for Neo, that Neo goes from being in this sort of cocooned and programmed world, to having to participate in the construction of meaning to his life. And we were like, "Well, can the audience go through the three movies and experience something similar to what the main character experiences?

    The second movie is deconstructionist, and it assaults all of the things that you thought to be true in the first movie, and so people get very upset, and they're like "Stop attacking me!