Letters from Normandy

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American soldiers recall the battle in notes to their families, friends

He died two days later. May recited a moving letter he wrote to his wife on June 3, , during a commemorative ceremony in Portsmouth, in the south of England, to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. As you know, something may happen at any moment and I cannot tell when you will receive this. I had hoped to be able to see you last weekend, but it was impossible to get away and all the things I intended to say must be written. You and I have had some lovely years, which now seem to have passed at lightning speed.

I can imagine you in the garden having tea with Jamie and Anne, getting ready to put them to bed. The next year saw Mercer skirmishing in Belgium and suffering in waterlogged Holland, where he would spend hundreds of hours glued to the radio, waiting for a signal to fire.

Parachuting Over Normandy - D-Day Narrated by Bryan Cranston

He was taken prisoner during the assault on Le Havre and spent time with a counter mortar unit. It was when he was in the 7th Division that they had the honor of becoming the first British troops to enter Berlin. By the end of the war, he was keen to return to Britain, but the Army Education Corps recruited him to teach children and ex-soldiers, an occupation that suited him perfectly. He attended The University of British Columbia, graduating with a degree in civil engineering and during the war served in England with the Royal Canadian Engineers. The collection consists of more than twenty five letters covering the period from to written to his sister Muriel 'Moo' and her husband Charles Dustin 'Dusty'.

Moving D-Day letter home to be read to world leaders in remembrance of the sacrifice of many

Edward Ted Brock served overseas with the 48th Highlanders and fought in the Italian campaign and later in Holland. As a Lieut. Platoon Commander is was Brock's duty to write letters to the families of men killed or missing from his platoon.

The collection consists of a letter of condolence, reponses from families to whom he wrote, and a short memoir. The collection currently consists of letters, photographs, his paybook, a regimental history, a copy of The Maple Leaf Scrapbook, and other miscellaneous items.

This collection consists of three photographs and Brown's flight log.

'Bedford was hit hard,' but military legacy remains strong in town torn apart by D-Day

Sydney Brown was from North Bay, Ontario. He was born in and enlisted with the RCAF. The collection currently consists of a dozen photographs and some miscellaneous materials. See also the collection for Zave Brown, his brother, who was killed in The collection currently consists of a number of personal photographs of Zave and of his time in the service.

See also the collection of his older brother Sydney who was killed in Bryer is buried in Brettevill-sur-laize Canadian cemetery in France.

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Letters from Normandy

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