Cuttyhunk: Life on the Rock

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From limited experience I know that northeast can be hard to fish anywhere on the island except as west point where wind is in you back. The way island is positioned strong NE wind can make a big bow in your line, even in the coves. Ron from ZeeBaaS arrived on Saturday with his friends and we spent afternoon chatting.

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I suggest if you ever go to Cuttyhunk stay there first and absorb all the history in that place. They all ran back to get their rods and went plugging. Wetzel said there was a lot of big shad in that area and that he was going to fish there tonight. Ray said he would join him.

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Everyone we spoke on island said they would love to fish southwest point BUT there are going to be so many people there, they are thinking of finding another place. I doubt that to be true but I was also hoping he was going to be right. Because I was going there hell or high water. I on the other hand have not seen anything with stripes yet so all I wanted was a micro bass. I have fished with nothing but bucktails this spring and caught crap load of blues but no bass.

I did not start fishing till blues showed and bass were scarce in Jones Inlet. Funny thing is over the years I never even put bucktails in my bag when fishing Cuttyhunk. Maybe because when conditions allow I tend to use rigged eels almost exclusively. I also borrowed a YoZuri mag darter from Tom in desperation.

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I know these smaller fish were hard to hook on SS darters but mag darter was just the ticket. You can tell that my confidence was in toilet as my guys were thinking big fish and I was thinking microbass…any bass. Around 6 PM Ray and Bill headed towards the inlet, Charlie was chilling and I am sure wondering if his shoulder was going to make it trough one more night.

Tom and Boggie were spread on the couch napping after another great dinner. I was chilling with Charlie and contemplating what to do. Around 7 pm, I donned a wetsuit and started walking. Sleeping beauties were still sprawled on couch and I did not wanted to bother them. I was going to run into them latter but I needed to get on the rock I wanted and I figured even if I have to sit on it for few hours its better than sitting in house.

No, not getting a spot early but sitting on the rock. At Cuttyhunk, if you can swim to specific rocks and there is a lot of them you can comfortably hang out on them for a whole tide and then some. Two men were pinned underneath the boat when she capsized and the heroism of Louis Ramos of the life saving crew, who managed to right the surf boat, saved the lives of the two men.

It was in a battle against a hard sea and a rolling surf that the boat upset and the men in the boat, weather worn and exhausted from their long fight in the water, came in closer contact with death than they have ever been before. When the Hart struck Friday night she bumped three times and then brought up all standing. It was a dense fog and no land could be seen, but the fog horn of Vineyard Sound Lightship, two miles to the windward was plainly heard, and at 1 A.

Cuttyhunk and Penikese Island Cruises

Saturday morning Captain Watts took his crew and abandoning the stranded barkentine, rowed to the lightship. He found her abandoned and remained on board until Captain Weeks came up with his life saving crew, when Keyser gave the abandoned vessel over to his care.

Captain Weeks was in his big life saving motor boat, having his surfboat in tow. Anchoring the motor boat to the leeward of the wreck the crew went on board their surf boat to the wreck. It was fairly good weather in the early morning and the crew of the Hart were desirous of being put on the wreck to get their personal effects. This was done and the men were a considerable time in getting their things together. The catboats and the life savers remained around to give the crew all the chance possible to save what they could.

It was the intention to take the surf boat down to where the motor life boat was anchored and either tow the surf boat to the beach or transfer part of the crew to the larger boat. About this time a line of rollers struck the big motor boat, which was anchored in shore of the wreck, and off she went on the top of the seas towards shore, her cable parting.

This made it imperative that all haste be made to get the surfboat ashore. The men tumbled in and besides the crew of life savers and the crew of the barkentine, there were two others on board, John B. Cornell and Eddie Cornell, who had rowed out to the wreck in a skiff. In all there were just eighteen men in the surf boat. Life Saving Station; John B. The wind began to blow with almost hurricane force and the life savers made all haste to pull for the land.

The boat was loaded nearly to the gunwales, and she had not gone two hundred yards before a sea struck her and a considerable quantity of water was shipped. He saw that serious times were ahead for the surf boat with the ugly sea already running. Captain Veeder also saw the difficulty that the surf boat was in. Both islanders decided to keep around although they had started their power boats for shelter. This showed those in the power boats that he was having a hard time.

Shortly after the boat was hove to, a tremendous sea rolled in from the bay and to the horror of the watchers both from shore and the power boats, the surf boat with its human freight was seen to capsize. Two of the men were caught beneath the heavy boat, Benjamin Davis and one of the boys from the island, John Cornell.

The others, suddenly thrown into the water, began to swim and to try to right the 34 overturned boat. Louis Ramos, one of the expert swimmers of the life saving crew, managed to divest himself of his oil clothes, rubber boots and pantaloons and with an almost superhuman effort managed to get the boat on an even keel, releasing Davis and Cornell, who were about exhausted. Some one assisted the two men to a hold on the righted life boat.

The rest were swimming off to leeward where they had been washed by the heavy seas. All were having a frightfully hard time. As the life boat drifted into the Waif she was brought up with a bang that ripped a hole in the side of the rescuing boat, but fortunately the stoven planking was above the water line and the Waif took in water only when she dipped into a big sea. A large dory was on the end of a painter from the Waif and Frank Veeder and his youngest son, Carlton jumped into the dory and cutting the rope went off after the men in the water who were struggling against the big combers that often engulfed them as they swam.

Coming up to the first man, Carlton reached down and grasped the swimmer while the elder Veeder pulled the man into the dory. He proved to be a sailor from the Hart.

Then Gregory and Ramos were seized and pulled into the rescuing boat. One more swimmer was seen in the distance, and the loaded dory made for this man. He was a sailor from the Hart, and he was swimming, or rather making a hard try to keep above the waves as they rolled in heavy surges over him every few seconds. When this man was taken into the boat he could not speak and utterly collapsed, turning black in the face. Pilot Veeder, seeing no more swimmers, started to row ashore.

The sailor from the Hart showed no signs of life by this time and it was feared that he was drowned. Cuttyhunk residents do not waste time in emergencies and so they soon adopted the heroic measure of rolling the sailor on a handy barrel, and had the satisfaction of getting out part of the salt water which the man had taken into his system, and in about an hour the man showed signs of life. He was taken into the lighthouse, and given further treatment, and finally restored to consciousness.

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In the meantime, the Jackson boat had picked up the other sixteen men and started for Cuttyhunk Pond, near where the life saving station is located. Edwards cleared his ship but anchored her off Mishaum Point buoy while he returned to New Bedford to recruit more men. The next morning, while Captain Edwards was still ashore, a northerly breeze began piping down across the Bay. Heavy clouds and a falling barometer spoke of more wind and the crew aboard the anchored bark dropped another anchor.

By noon the north wind had reached full gale force and was uprooting trees and toppling chimneys in New Bedford. The Wanderer, her bluff bows plunging into the seas and her rigging whistling and moaning dragged her anchors and drifted closer and closer to the surf swept reef. Finally one of her anchor chains snapped under the strain and her crew seeing that the remaining anchor could not hold the vessel, deserted her in two whale boats.

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Louis Ramos of Cuttyhunk owned a little motor boat thirty feet long and four men joined him aboard the craft. They were John B.

Cuttyhunk: Life on the Rock

They were not able to locate them as one of the boats had made the Vineyard Sound Light Ship while the other had been able to get to Cuttyhunk. Their attempted rescue was rewarded when all five men were awarded gold Congressional Life Saving Medals for their bravery. In the name and to the memory of Bartholomew Gosnold, whose bones lie in an unknown grave in Virginia, where he died 22nd August , let it be consecrated. Charles S. In Mr. Nothing was done at that time.

Ricketson asked Mr. Randall to unite with him in an effort to raise the money to erect some simple memorial to Gosnold on the spot. George Fox Tucker joined with them, and they consituted themselves a committee of three to make the attempt. They also received the promise of a deed to the islet from the heirs of C.

Swift, Thomas Nye and Eben Perry. Those journeying to the island for this ceremony were : Francis Ellingwood Abbott L.

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Mead Esq.