Chasing the Sandman

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Little Known Black History Fact: Howard ‘Sandman’ Sims

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Howard ‘Sandman’ Sims Little Known Black History Fact | WTLC

He owned a cafe, taught tap and worked as a carpenter and mechanic, among other things. He was a regular on the vaudeville circuit. Sims became the Apollo's executioner in the mid's and continued off and on for more than three decades. He was also stage manager of the theater. In the poet Sandra Hochman wrote a play in verse and dance about Mr.

Sims called ''The Sand Dancer. Hochman's language is whimsical: ''I wanted my feet to sound like shooting stars,'' the Sandman character says.

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Sims, who danced in that production, was good with words himself. I want to just dance my way away at the end.

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